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Landlords Registration

Landlord Registration: Since 30 April 2006, all private landlords in Scotland are required to register with their local authority.

This guide explains the implications and requirements of landlord registration in Scotland It is intended for guidance purposes only and is not an authoritative statement of the law. Should you require further clarification you are advised to contact the appropriate authorities direct.

What is Landlord Registration?

All landlords (with a few exceptions) are now required to register with their local authority, to ensure that they are a “fit and proper person” to let property. It is an offence to let any house without being registered.

How do I apply?

Registration is simple.

You will be able to register online at The Landlord registration Scotland or get an application form from your local authority.

Which local authority should I register with?

You must register with each local authority in whose area you let property. If you own properties in more than one area, you will be able to apply online to register in all authorities in one application, and this will reduce the total fee that you will have to pay.

Rentolease manage my property what should I do?

Rentolease is an accredited letting agent and also an ARLA (Association of Residential lettings Agents) agent. When registering you should provide our registration number relevant to each local authority

There will be a separate reference number for each local authority your agent is registered with. Please enter the correct one for the local authority where your property is located.

Our registration numbers are

  • SOUTH AYRSHIRE 24574/370/10160
  • EAST AYRSHIRE 24574/190/21280
  • NORTH AYRSHIRE 24574/310/21280

Download Our Landlord Pack Here

From here to registration

Complete registration form or apply online at

  • Pay fee
  • Reply to any queries from the local authority
  • Sign and return printed application details received from the local authority
  • Receive confirmation of registration from the local authority

(valid for 3 years)